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Healing Wings Counseling - Positive and Encouraging Counseling- Email us about general information. Do not email any private information.
Please review this page for more information about your first appointment. We look forward to serving you and your family!
Office Location
Healing Wings Counseling is conveniently located off of 23 and Old State Road. We are just south off of 23 past the Delaware Career Center- off the exit of Ohio Health Blvd. Our address is 776 Peachblow Road in Lewis Center between Worthington and Delaware, OH. Please check our Google map at the bottom of our webpage.
If you would like to see our rates and the insurance companies we provide for, please look at this page. We also offer a resource to allow you get reimbursed so you can choose your provider.
To see what we specialize in and what we can offer- please review this page.
Get reimbursed!
Our resource to get reimbursed so you can choose your provider! If you are out- of - network with us, please allow Better to help you choose your professional for your counseling needs.
Online Counseling
Healing Wings Counseling offers Online Counseling -please contact us to set up an appointment if you are not a current client. Payments need to be made in advanced.
Emergency Numbers
We do not have emergency services but we do offer crisis appointments for our current clients only. For emergencies- please go to these resources.
Counseling Resources
Find out more about Counseling and other resources on this page!
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We look forward to serving you soon!

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Appointments, Reschedules, or Cancellations 

Please cancel an appointment at least 24 hours before or there will be a fee depending on duration of cancellation time between appointment. 

Where to begin:

Welcome and thank you for looking at us to serve you and your family.  We know this can be a difficult time and we hope that we can make this as easy as possible. Please ask questions and if we cannot answer them-- we will direct you to the person or service that we think may be able to help you. Our hope is that through healing, you may find hope and peace for new tomorrow to spread joy to others. At times, our schedule does get busy and does not allow for certain appointment times. Certain times of the year we cannot always accommodate especially early afternoon or evening appointments


Rates may depend on your insurance company/policy or self-pay options. At times, discounts may be given to patients that opt for self-pay and pay per session based on insurance rates that we are providers due to our contracts.  We are a private practice and we do not have a sliding scale because we are not mental health agency that is government-funded. Please call for details.


Marital counseling rates are $185 and up and we are specialized only as pastoral. (Marital is specialize counseling that we are only trained within a pastoral and Christian framework.) We reserve the right to refer out to other professionals whose specific training is marital counseling. 

Intake forms and 1st appointment:

We will provide you with a portal invite to include your intake paperwork or you may fill out your intake paperwork in our office. Please note it may take 20-30 minutes to complete. 


Please read more about our policies on your intake and consent forms. Thank you! 

If you have an emergency 

For Delaware County in OHIO-Please dial 211 for services or 911. Your  safety is always our utmost importance or call 1-800-Suicide for immediate contact! 


OSU Harding Hospital ~(614) 293 -9600  

Grady Memorial Hospital (740) 615-1000 

Suicide Prevention HOTLINE (614) 221 -5445


We provide crisis appointments for clients for an additional fees on the same day during business hours. At times, insurance may pay these additional fees and sometimes they are not reimbursed.  However, please use the following information for all services after Healing Wings Counseling is closed or you a not a client. We do not provide hospitalization or emergency services so please use the below resources. 


We do not provide emergency treatment but please see the resources listed below. If you have a crisis that does require emergency inpatient services or it is after office hours, please contact your medical doctor or please see the following numbers below. We are available for crisis appointments for current clients during business hours and possibly the same day when available for additional fees. Please discuss this with your therapist during your intake/session or your therapist will assess any suicidal ideation. 


For Delaware County in OHIO-Please dial 211 for services or 911. Your safety is always our utmost importance or call 1-800-Suicide for immediate contact! 


OSU Harding Hospital ~(614) 293 -9600  

Grady Memorial Hospital (740) 615-1000 

Suicide Prevention HOTLINE (614) 221 -5445