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Abandoned —- never forsaken. 



Do you ever feel abandoned by  . . . Your friends? Your Family?  Or just the world? Even a church that feels cold - at least mentally, walking in and never being acknowledged- or just feeling alone? 


Who hurt you so badly that you are waiting for approval from strangers now?


You text on a phone to say hi or write your feelings on your Instagram, a tweet, a snap,  and YOU wait.  . .For someone’s approval with a word showing up on your screen or a friend hitting “LIKE, a snap“ = approval? Is that what your relationships have come down too?   Hours of a relationship. . . with a phone? No wonder we are depressed and numb, anxious and empty and finally suicidal. We are waiting for empty approval. 


The coldest feeling could be hitting up your phone that needs updates or just charged. Waiting for the buzz that may be a friend. You may find that someone on the opposite side of the world … questioning “Is that someone who cares? ” But you may find that no one— even next to you  . . .  responds to what you put out there and your heart sinks when you say that no one “likes” your thoughts, post, or feelings.


Love is there. Love is Jesus- a breath away and a prayer unspoken.  

No fancy status required.

No I phone to buy-even the iPhone X required or image to maintain and a selfie that is just right and not making your nose look too big.

No texting needed or waiting to “be liked”.


Just a groan if that is all you can breathe to the Father and creator… to the almighty God who loves your from the day you were created in His image. (Romans 8:26)


Jesus (REAL LOVE) knows you and receives your hurt, takes away abandonment. He has seen your hurt and pain and knows how much you have cried and ached. Let it all out…in His arms- The one who died to be your savior. 

Love is here and always has been. Love is here— if all you can do is just read this. Keep reading because this may be your wake up call or just the words you need to hear. Don’t stop because He is there- God is here —- a prayer and a heartbeat away. 


Don’t give in to the pain and shut down again? Waiting for the abandonment to come again- like a lost friend. Jesus- King of kings- will still be there and always has been but you MUST open your heart to love- broken and hurt as it maybe. He never will leave you or forsake you. He knows real pain because- He died for you and knows your hurt. His love paid the price for you and he will continue to go up on a cross to pay it for you and because of you. (1 Peter 2:24)

Never let your pain exceed what your heartbreak will cause the lies you to believe- that you need approval, that love does not exist, that you need approval from a screen-- THE empty hole that keeps needing refilling .


Those messages that keep your heartbreak breaking –cause your feelings to follow and keep you repeating fear messages that are NOT the truth. Repeating what is NOT true but just recorded messages of death, fear, and darkness- empty approval from a screen that will never give you life! 


Open your arms and receive LOVE- and the light. Do that right now. Let's see it! OPEN THEM UP!!! 

Open your arms, Your heart, Your life… go ahead…. Put your arms out and feel real LOVE- the love that needs no batteries or charges, status updates or glows in the dark.


Love will not abandon you. It is us that walks and leaves–Wanting to never be hurt again yet inviting pain to stay in.


YOUR heart may be broken but receive what you need to feel, to hear, to be.- YOU are a new creation in Christ. Be His precious loved one that He is waiting to heal and renew. Like Jesus! 


8 We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but not driven to despair. 9 We are hunted down but never abandoned by God. We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed.  2 Corinthians 4:8-9 NIV


Being abandoned is not what is done to us but what we accept and receive from someone who is hurt too. Brokenness finds brokenness - and yet the one true healer is knocking at your door. (Matt 7:8)


We are NEVER abandoned by God. He is there. He is Love! (I Jn 4:8)


When you reach out to the internet and do not see what you want to hear or the love you need. . .


Listen to Love that never has left and the Love who says I am here to stay with you as long as it takes to heal what you thought not Heal-able.

“I love you. “

“I accept you for you. Grace never leaves and Love always heals“

Receive unconditional Love that reaches through your pain and tears – to say

“You are mine. I will never leave you or forsake you, or abandon you.”  (Deut. 31:6 )


“I will take the pieces and create something beautiful that has always been there all along in you” (Ps 34:18 ) Jesus says to you that you only need only to let to give me the pain and your heart.


DeeDee Fetters, LPCC-S, NCC


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